detoxifying, fresh, nourishing, delicious 

farm to table dining made for you 


At Azul Yoga Retreats we believe clean, healthy eating is essential to a transformational journey. This is why our meals are prepared with the freshest organic ingredients, and are designed to be blasting with flavor, detoxify, and leave you energized and fueled up for your day. Our meal plan includes three daily hearty meals and a snack. Each day, we provide you with various options per meal, giving you the possibility to choose from an assortment of meals (along with a vegetarian/vegan options). We think of food as a magical experience to the palette, and want to provide you with great variety and an assortment of cuisines. Our plan accommodates to any special diet, and we are happy to receive any requests. Our chefs and food experts cook with love, and aim to merge native flavors and international flavors, along with health ingredients made to nourish your body and soul.


What better way to enjoy your meals than in two ocean front locations? Our host hotel features two beautiful restaurants- Blue 47, for an alluring fine dining experience with comfortable lounges and an elegant bar, and Seaside, a poolside, vivid restaurant to enjoy a delicious meal surrounded by trees and nature. Don't be surprised if a monkey comes to say hi during your dining experience!

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